The IJ Klopper

Year 2018-2019
Typology Tunnel
Location Amsterdam, NL
Client Syb van Breda & Co, architects
Collaboration ABT
Architects Syb van Breda, Tom de Weijer, Mark Ernst, Sabry Arfaoui

A robust, safe and spatially interesting connection that was thought impossible on this location. 50 meters wide drums on either side of the water enable cyclists to spiral up and down. In the open air, with views of city and sky. Wide and gentle slopes ensure a comfortable route with large capacity (also for police cars and ambulances, in the future automatic electrical delivery services). There are lifts, stairs and escalators for pedestrians.

De IJ Klopper

Much more than just a passage under the IJ

Once at depth, a slightly sloping tunnel with separate domains for cyclists and pedestrians crosses under the river IJ. The entire length of the tunnel is enriched with real plants that grow in artificial light. It never freezes at this depth, the plants always remain green.

De IJ Klopper
De IJ Klopper

A unique concept

The IJ Klopper is much cheaper than a bridge, is always available (because it is never open), delivers a crucial contribution to sustainable urban transport as well as an original public space. Good for the image of Amsterdam city of cyclists.

De IJ Klopper