The IJ Klopper

Year 2020-2025
Typology Tunnel
Location Amsterdam, NL
Client Syb van Breda & Co, architects
Collaboration ABT
Architects Syb van Breda, Sabry Arfaoui, Tom de Weijer, Mark Ernst, Ruud Burger

An effective, safe and spatially interesting connection on a location thought impossible. 50 meter wide drums on either side of the water allow cyclists to spiral up and down. In the open air, with a view of city and sky. Wide and gentle slopes with a large capacity ensure a comfortable passage for cyclists, police cars and ambulances, (in the future also automatic electric delivery services). Stairs, elevators and escalators ensure a smooth passage for pedestrians.

In the right place

The map of the river IJ shows the busiest passage in the blink of an eye: the central ferries handle many more passengers than the others. For the existing neighbourhoods of Amsterdam North, the crossing at Amsterdam Central station is undeniably the fastest. The same will apply to the future neighbourhoods. Overload of the central ferry system is immanent. The IJ Klopper solves this challenge. Smooth and uninterrupted riding instead of lengthy waits and crowded quays. In contrast to a bridge, a tunnel is never open.

Around the crowds

The IJ Klopper connects to the existing cycling infrastructure east and west of the station, ensuring a smooth passage around the very busy Damrak and Rokin. Very robust cycling paths make the perfect connection to the very large bicycle parkings and public transport. The IJ Klopper is the final chapter in Amsterdam’s multi modal transport machine.

Always available

Thanks to a sophisticated compact design, the IJ Klopper fits seamlessly behind Amsterdam Central Station. Cyclists descend and ascend gradually over the entire route, ensuring gentle slopes. In contrast to the high speed at the end of a long ramp down a bridge, cyclists progressing to connecting roads on land have a low speed at the end of the climb out of the tunnel. The connection to the rest of the world is safer and smoother.

Much more than just a passage under the IJ

The IJ Klopper has smartly separated domains for cyclists and pedestrians, over the entire trajectory. They never cross or interfere with each other. The tunnel interior is enriched with real plants that grow in artificial light. It never freezes at this depth, the plants will always be green.

A unique concept

The IJ Klopper is much cheaper than a bridge, is always available (because it is never open), delivers a crucial contribution to sustainable urban transport as well as an original public space. Good for the image of Amsterdam city of cyclists.