Queen Juliana bridge Katwijk

Year 2019
Typology Fixed bridge
Location Katwijk, NL
Client Gemeente Katwijk
Collaboration Vista, Ingenieursbureau Rotterdam
Architects Syb van Breda, Ruud Burger, Mark Ernst

Queen Juliana bridge connects Katwijk North and South over the Uitwateringskanaal, since 1963. The bridge provides passage to fast and slow traffic, as well as shipping. The bridge is technically and functionally at the end of its life. The deck is no longer able to bear the current traffic load and is not suitable for carrying future R-Net buses, let alone trams. The bridge will have a completely new foundation and deck.


The current bridge has a solid, urban character with striking brick-built bastions, beautifully detailed concrete work and a sober but delicate blue railing. The concrete decks have a slender protruding termination. The edge extends over the bastions in the view. On the deck there is a typical bridge keeper’s house with lots of glass and a bronze roof as well as a work of art “three bronze seahorses”. In addition, the bridge also has allure through special details such as the shipping signals and the naming shield. In our design, all these parts are preserved and with it the monumental character of the bridge.

Koningin Juliana brug Katwijk


The bridge is an important link in the ecological network at both local and regional level. On the local level, the Biltlaan offers the continuous structure for winged animals. Insects and birds will use the herbal zone on the side of the road, and continued over the bridge. Bats can forage along and in the trees. On a larger scale, the bridge is a link between the countryside to the north and the dunes to the south of Katwijk. Along the provincial road and the Uitwateringskanaal, small mammals, marten-like and invertebrates move in search of food. Thanks to a robust ecological connection over the bridge, these animals can expand their habitat. The biodiversity in this area will improve.

Koningin Juliana brug Katwijk


Queen Juliana bridge is a typical city bridge, in the centre of the built-up area, with room for fast and slow traffic. The desired ecological connection adds even more users. The new bridge deck has space for 2 x 2 lanes for car traffic, also suitable as R-net connection (for buses, but possibly also trams in the future). The continuous slow traffic connection will be on the land side of the bridge, with a wide shared space foot / cycle path, part of the continuous north-south connection through Katwijk. On the sea side there will be a footpath connecting both banks of the canal.

Koningin Juliana brug Katwijk

Social safety

In the new situation, the bridge will be extended by 15 meters. The current dark and socially unsafe tunnel will be replaced by a spacious and light underpass with separate domains for humans and animals. In the distant future, Water board Rijnland can excavate the underpass, significantly increasing the drainage capacity of the Uitwateringskanaal.

Koningin Juliana brug Katwijk