Icon Terneuzen

Year 2020
Typology Building
Location Terneuzen, Nederland
Client Gemeente Terneuzen
Architects Ruud Burger, Mark Ernst

Lookout for everyone. A triangular tower on the focal point of a former ravelin. An ingenious combination of mirrors also gives the visitor with physical limitations the opportunity to enjoy the three most important views: the historic citadel, the modern industry and the timeless Westerschelde. Of course, the tower can also be climbed and descended again. A double set of stairs leads the visitor to the panoramic viewing platform on top, with views in and out along the way. A observation tower that is in line with the core values ​​of the city and its inhabitants. In a special way, space is offered for the stories of them and their relationship with the water. An icon for Terneuzen.

Fortified city Terneuzen

The location of the observation tower has been carefully chosen. Located on the pier behind Westbeer, the tower stands at an intersection of different sightlines, making it visible in the area from multiple spots. Due to its special shape, the view of the tower from each of these spots is unique. The pier itself is a remain of the fortified city of Terneuzen, with the observation tower standing on the tip of a ravelin. With its design, the tower is in line with the typical structure of the former fortified city.

Three directions

In addition to this link to the past as a fortified city, the tower is in line with the core values ​​of the present and the future Terneuzen. The stories of its inhabitants show their pride in the city and its history, the dynamics of shipping on the Westerschelde and at the locks, working in industry and the port. This has been translated into the tower by offering views in three main directions: the historic city, modern industry and the timeless water of the Westerschelde.

Experience for everyone

Access to the tower is via a flat bridge from the top of the dike. Above the entrance is a mirror of one of the periscopes, which gives the visitor a view of himself from this angle. A preview of what awaits inside. Inside is an open space where the thematic decoration is located. A permanent presentation on the walls, projected stories of the city and the view through the periscopes together tell about the city, its inhabitants and its relationship with the water. A complete experience can be experienced for everyone below, but there is also a climb up to the top, where the viewing platform offers a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings.