Preliminary design Heinenoordtunnel ready

The First Heinenoord tunnel constructed in 1969 is due for a major renovation. All installations will be replaced, the service buildings renovated and the landscape around the tunnel will be rearranged with more room for green and ecology. Rijkswaterstaat has assigned Syb van Breda & Co to draw up the Aesthetic Program of Requirements (EPVE) for the tunnel and its surroundings, as well as the Preliminary Design of the service buildings. The design has been completed in autumn 2019, the selection of the contractor has started in January 2020. Delivery of the renovated tunnel is planned in 2023.

Nomination Rijnlands Architecture prize

Out of a long list of 60 projects, Joop van der Reiden bridge has been nominated for the Rijnlands Architecture Prize 2019. Quotes from the jury: The bridge is literally a beautifully balanced sculpture with a characteristic counterweight. The slender form responds well to the design assignment,  which required maximum visibility in the bend of the river.At first glance it is not clear that the bridge deck does not turn upwards, but rotates horizontally. The jury judges the bridge as a fine example of well-designed engineering art.

IJ Klopper in Pakhuis de Zwijger

Tonight in Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam, the jump over the river IJ. Syb van Breda & Co will present the elaborated scheme of the IJ Klopper: social en fysical security, experience and functionality, an icon for Amsterdam city of cyclists, it is all there. The IJ Klopper is much more economic then a bridge, is always available (it is never open like a bridge), delivers a crucial contribution to sustainable urban transport and an original public space. Good for the image of Amsterdam. Come and see, live or via stream.

Renovation Queen Juliana bridge Katwijk

The design of the renovation of Queen Juliana bridge is handed over to Mayor and Aldermen of Katwijk on the 1st of October 2019. Now it is the turn of the contractor. The bridge is built in the 1960s. deck and supports now have to be replaced. The bridge will be elongated by 15 meter, allowing extra capacity in the Canal. An underpass provides space for man and beast. Thanks to intensive collaboration the extensive changes of the bridge proved to be possible without destroying the monumental character. The renovation will be done in 2020.

Mock ups Southern Ring Road Groningen

The mock up area of the Groningen Southern Ring road is opened. All the architectural details of the structural works and landscape elements have been built here at true scale. Our colleague Nicolai Waterdrinker shows all the ins and outs to the national advisor for the physical environment Daan Zandbelt and Groningen city architect Jeroen de Willigen. A few more years and everything will be ready.