Panta Rhei

The currently invisible, but smelly, purification installation will be extended and transformed into a high tech, clean sustainable installation. Waste water is cleaned to surface water quality. The scale and technology used are impressive and worth showing. The renewed facility will handle twice as much waste water as the current one, whilst reducing the energy use by some 30%. The new facility will use an innovative high tech fine screen technology which is new to the Netherlands.

Chateau d’Eau

The new installation is a spatial ensemble of circular and orthogonal objects on a restricted access area. The horizontal character gives the installation a modest profile, leaving the stage for the monumental windmill and the future boulevard Middenweg. The massive shapes of the bassins and buildings are tied together by a flowing landscape full of trees, flowers and reed. Prohibitive fences are replaced by an attractive yet functional pond around the facility.



Platonic bodies

We are fascinated by the play of circles, squares and water of the functional design and have extended it to the architecture and planning of the site. The current green screen around the facility is replaced by a water landscape. The purification floats in its own world, just like the famous Johnson Wax building nearby. Expression and functionality go hand in hand. The water landscape is a natural barrier replacing the fences. It doubles up as last step in the cleansing process: it will function as a huge helofytic filter.

‘Everything flows and nothing stays, for fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you’

Heraclitus, circa 500 before Christus






Year2010 - 2012
TypologyLandscape, transformation
LocationAalsmeer, NL
ClientWater board of Rijnland
ArchitectsSyb van Breda, Mark Snijder, Maikel Waterdrinker, Nicolai Waterdrinker