The New Tram Bridge is surrounded on all sides by characteristic buildings from various periods, carefully designed public space and beautiful green. In this ensemble we have searched for an instantly recognizable design that befits the place. We found inspiration in the fascinating Tram Bridge that adorned the location throughout much of the twentieth century, but which was unfortunately demolished. This impressive bridge returns in twenty first century fashion. A beautiful, transparent, logic and elegant shape and a thorough, simple and honest steel structure. The overall aspect is not just a nice profile, but also a gate through which the passers enter or leave the center of Assen.


The bridge blends well in the surrounding land- and waterscape, with special attention for a careful transition between the wide quay of the Vaart and the concentrated passage over the water. The bridge abutments connect exactly to the existing sifon in the Kanaal opening. The New Tram Bridge is symmetrical in its longitudinal axis and asymmetrical in its transverse axis. Parallel to the Vaart and at cross angles to the Kanaal. In this way the continuity of the robust urban lines are respected.



Our fascination

Both open and closed the bridge is highly transparant, with optimum views to the surrounding waters. Just like its predecessor the New Tram Bridge has a fascinating moving mechanism, however with the technology of this age. The construction is a sturdy, simple and honest steel structure. All elements are carefully matched and finished in one color, resulting in a quiet and refined spatial image.




The most important quality of the site is the view to and experience of the water. Thanks to the freely rotating deck and the slender counterweight, the views to the other side are secured at all times. The night situation is also festive: vandal proof lighting has been incorporated in the parapet and secures a beautiful light space which is good for the users, whilst avoiding nuisance for the neighbors, flora and fauna.


Year2015 - 2016
TypologyFixed bridge
LocationDen Bosch, NL
ClientMunicipality of Den Bosch
CollaborationWallaard Noordeloos, Appel Advies
ArchitectsSyb van Breda, Nicolai Waterdrinker, Tom de Weijer