The New Boekelo bridge will be built on a very special location. Crossing the Twente Canal, between city and countryside, replacing the Old Boekelo Bridge. A twenty first century city gate for Hengelo, at the crossroads of two long lines in the landscape: laan Hart van Zuid and Twente Canal. This Location is perfect for an expressive bridge, fitting in the Industrial environment. The Pride of Hengelo, the Industry around Twente Canal. 



Thanks to its height, the bridge fits into the rich palette of accents on the Hengelo horizon: the tower of the town hall, the Lambertus basilica and the impressive cranes along the Twente Canal. Our design integrates all these sources of inspiration. In the architecture of the bridge both the powerful and dynamic lines of the cranes and the ships come back, as well as the elegant simplicity of the Hengelo towers. The New Boekelo Bridge is both a pronounced statement and a mirror of Hengelo.


The New Boekelo bridge is one of many over the Twente Canal. There are dozens between Enschede and Zutphen. With a few exceptions, they are all arched or plate bridges. Here in Hengelo, the ambition is high. This has to be a special bridge in the palette. Another arch or plate bridge is not enough. It would undoubtedly yield an excellent functional result, but not the image that is desired here: the preference is a distinctive bridge.

We have come up with a special variant. The entire deck (bicycle, foot and car deck) is made of fiber-reinforced plastic, resulting in considerable weight saving compared to a traditional deck.


A double set of tiers, on both sides, supports the steel frame in the middle. The span is halved. This makes the deck as slim and transparent as possible.

The entire construction is logic and economic. The New Boekelo bridge is designed in the Dutch tradition of engineering, with a clearly visible flow of forces and logical proportions. But also a bridge with unique “looks”, custom-designed for this place and made possible thanks to innovative use of materials.

TypologyFixed bridge
LocationHengelo, NL
ClientLocal Authority of Hengelo
CollaborationMax Bögl, Roelofs, Bartels
ArchitectsSyb van Breda, Bastiaan Luijk, Ezgi Yüksel