The Blue Runner between Winschoten and the future Blue City

Minimum impact on the landscape, both in shape and in ecological footprint. On the Winschoten side the approach of the bridge is in the shape of a spiral. The Location has been carefully chosen so the beautiful large trees along the edge can stay. Once on bridge level the route transfers to a wafer thin bridge. The Winschoterdiep canal and Motorway, meadows, water, roads, and underground infrastructure are crossed in a single elegant sweep.


A modest shape, putting the experience of the green-blue environment first. High Quality and Maintenance free detailing with untreated wood and weathering steel. Half way the bridge is a special place with a modern Groningen wind mill, a staircase to the ground and a viewing platform.


Flora and fauna 

The center of the spiralling ramp  talud is a Marsh pond full of salamanders and frogs. The pond is connected to the larger water system. The dry and shadowed abutments are perfect places for bee hotels, bat- and birds nesting cages. The lighting on the bridge will be scatter free ensuring night animals are not hindered.

Custom made

Where neccesary special constructions have been applied: the passage of ships is guaranteed by a rotating bridge on one pylon. The exceptional span over the Motorway is made with a local reinforcement of the deck.

Energy neutral

The bridge deck is a collaboration of steel beams and a wooden deck. The main supporting structure is made of 100% recyclable weathering steel. The total Energy request of the entire system is around 30-35 MW per annum. The wind mill has an expected yield  30 MW hour. The luminaires generate their own energy with PV cells.

Year2017 -2018
TypologyMoveable bridge
LocationWinschoten, NL
ClientProvincie Groningen
CollaborationFriso Civiel, Hollandia Infra
ArchitectsSyb van Breda, Ruud Burger, Sabry Arfaoui