A perfect fit

In our view a bicycle garage should work intuitively, like an iPhone. The challenge is to “seduce” the thousands of cyclists around Amsterdam Station Zuid to use it on a daily basis instead of parking their bikes just somewhere in the public area.


An obvious and inviting place to park your bike

For us it is most important that the garage is experienced as a comfortable, well attainable space. Much attention has been given to optimum viewing lines between the square and the actual bicycle park area. Both at the staircase entrance on the station side, and at the main entrance on Mahlerplein the void edge has been “cut away” allowing for direct views towards the guardians space at garage level.



Focused on a smooth flow

The design is adapted to ease of use. The essence is a sophisticated layout, with specially made signage and dedicated zones for the various types bicycles. The interior has been designed using neutral light colors and opaque surfaces. The intention is a pleasant and quiet atmosphere, offering a counterweight to the sea of messy bicycles. The only distinctly colorful elements in the space are the signage shields. The contrast between the soft artificial light in the garage and the much intenser day light at both entrances is mitigated by two large circular light emitters near the guardians space.





Year2014 - 2016
TypologyLandscape, transit
LocationAmsterdam, NL
ClientMunicipality of Amsterdam
Collaborationvan Hattum en Blankevoort, G&S Bouw
ArchitectsSyb van Breda, Menno Nooijen, Wiebe Strick, Maikel Waterdrinker