Katwijk and Oegstgeest are separated by the Old Rhine river. Due to the steady construction of new residential areas, a bicycle bridge has become essential. The municipality of Katwijk has tendered the design and construction in an integrated contract. Our office has teamed up with contractors combination Strukton Infra Technieken and Solidd, with whom we won the competition.

Fietsbrug Katwijk-Oegstgeest

Fietsbrug Katwijk-Oegstgeest

Unique concept, custom made for this location

The design is custom made for Katwijk and Oegstgeest, with a distinctive and recognisable profile in the landscape. A swing bridge with a high counterweight. This concept is unique in the Netherlands, it has not been built anywhere else. At the same time it is robust and reliable. We make use of proven technology.Bicycle bridge Katwijk-Oegstgeest

A distinctive and mysterious profile

The bridge is an unambiguous sculpture that rises firmly from the water, but also with subtly folded and curved surfaces. Literally a well balanced gesture with a slim and slender ending. The bridge is simultaneously clear and enigmatic. The pylon clearly indicates this is a movable bridge. Yet the horizontal rotation is surprising.

Bicycle bridge Katwijk-Oegstgeest

The long line in the landscape

The slope of the pylon is logical, since it has to compensate for the weight of the moving deck during opening. In addition, also contributes significantly to the long line through the landscape desired by the municipality of Katwijk.
Bicycle bridge Katwijk-Oegstgeest

Maximum transparency

The design is as transparent as possible. The bridge deck is extremely slim, with only two intermediate supports. The parapet is almost completely transparent. The horizontal part of the main structure on the deck is significantly lower than the parapet and thus does not affect the view from the bridge.

A flexible network of connections

The bridge is for slow traffic: cyclists and pedestrians. For cyclists, the connection is primarily for the longer distance, between Katwijk aan Zee and Leiden, Rijnsburg and Oegstgeest. For pedestrians, the bridge is for local connection as well, with a direct connection to the quay and the park on the Katwijk side.

Bicycle bridge Katwijk-Oegstgeest

Carefully integrated technology

The bridge’s engine room is placed underneath the bridge on the Katwijk side. The pivoting mechanism of the bridge is hidden inside the pylon.The handrail is designed with great attention to simplicity, robustness and durability. The handrail is a curved steel sheet, strong and elegant. The shape naturally reflects the LED lighting to the deck, to the benefit of the users on the bridge. The bats that fly under the bridge are not hindered. The entire parapet structure is prefabricated and attached to the bridge deck with recessed bolts. This ensures a high finish quality. In addition, in case of damage, the affected handrail part can easily be replaced.

Bicycle bridge Katwijk-Oegstgeest

Observation value of the opening movement

The horizontal rotation is hardly predictable when the bridge is closed. The handrails appear to be continuous, the pylon suggests a vertical opening rather than a horizontal. The greater the surprise when pylon and deck spectacularly rotate around an invisible axis.

Genius loci

The bridge deck is enriched with subtle references to the rotating mechanism and the seagoing image of Katwijk, inspired by nautical instruments such as the chartplotter.

Bicycle bridge Katwijk-OegstgeestBicycle bridge Katwijk-Oegstgeest

TypologyMoveable bridge
LocationKatwijk, NL
ClientMunicipality of Katwijk
CollaborationStrukton Infratechnieken, BSB Staalbouw
ArchitectsSyb van Breda, Ruud Burger, Ezgi YĆ¼ksel