A sturdy and efficient arch bridge, a typology commonly used for large spans in the Netherlands. With the addition of the new bridge, the monumental concrete military monument Plofsluis arch bridges will be flanked by arch bridges on either side. The new bridge has a significantly larger span than the existing Overeindsebrug on the other side. In order to avoid visual domination, we have designed the the new bridge as a low arch, with a strong and transparent truss frame. The top of the arch of the new bridge is level with the existing one, resulting in a balanced composition.

Completing the route

The connection between east and west is finally finished, passing over various types of bridges and viaducts, materials and structures. Between Overeindsebrug and Laagraven East, slow traffic is carried over tarmac on earth, a riveted steel bridge, in situ and prefab concrete viaducts. With the Plofsluis Bridge a welded steel structure is added to this rich palette.



View and space

The main arch structure defines the space on the bridge and provides the users a sense of seclusion. The arch and connecting struts are designed as fluent and minimalistic: the structure is continuous as the joints connect in a natural way by subtle arched corners. The length of the bridge allows for great panoramic views through the structure and over the water.


The connection of the bridge and its surroundings is subtle. The deck is connected to the abutment in a modest way behind the line of trees. On the side of the Plofsluis the connection can be made without any intervention in existing monumental structures. The bridge and the Plofsluis only touch each other lightly, with a minimalistic sliding hinge.


Transport and assembly

The main structure of the bridge is transported to the site as one element: it will be pre assembled in the factory of the steel contractor. The width of the bridge allows it to be transported on its side, crossing the existing bridges without a problem. At location, the bridge will be rotated upright. There is no need for additional assembly space, thus minimising the impact on the environment.


Sustainable lighting

A lineair LED line is integrated in the under side of the balustrade. In this position the light is projected towards the deck, which acts as a reflector. The result is both socially safe (good lighting), environmentally friendly (no light in the surrounding area, good for night animals such as bats and owls) and esthetically pleasing (the bridge is lit from within, giving the bridge a beautiful yet restrained expression at night).

TypologyFixed bridge
LocationNieuwegein, NL
ClientMunicipality of Nieuwegein
CollaborationHollandia, van Hattem en Blankevoort
ArchitectsSyb van Breda, Elke den Burger, Ruud Burger, Maikel Waterdrinker, Nicolai Waterdrinker, Tom de Weijer