Dubai Creek Harbour is the next giant leap forward in the development of this amazing city. With waterfront on an epic scale and state of the art connections for all its users. The expansive water landscape provides the perfect backdrop to enrich the skyline with elegant arch bridges. Bridges are symbols of civilization and ambition, of progress and endeavor. They are amongst the most powerful image builders in cities around the world. Here they are taken to a new level, beyond structural brilliance and functionality. These arches do not just span water, they make places.


The South Bridge

The South Bridge has great potential as a venue. Its arch structure provides a fantastic covered space right in the middle of the water, with panoramic views all around. To the south over the great swath of the Creek, the mangroves of Ras al Khor, the Burj Khalifa and its many brothers and sisters on the horizon. To the north over the canal, the other bridges and the dense city life around and on the water.


The Central Bridge

Thanks to its refined and rich layering of decks, ramps and shades, the Central Bridge is a series of rooms on the water. It provides a multitude of public functions; cafe’s, lounges, open air sitting, all with great views and cool breezes close to the water. This bridge is Dubai Creek Harbour’s public meeting place, comfortably reached from all sides.


The North Bridge

In contrast to the other two bridges, the North Bridge is not a destination in itself. However its location is amazing. This bridge is visible both from miles away and from the surrounding quaysides. It is the ideal ambassador to the qualities of Dubai Creek Harbour. Rather than adding another place to stay, we opted to turn the structure into a vast urban billboard.sl_archesdubai_schets4_lThe South Bridge; two centrally placed arches, on top of sturdy triangular supports, carry the deck over the water. A bridge with a roof, providing shelter against the sun. A place to stay.



This bridge is beyond providing connection between two sides. It is about creating a destination. The location is second to none, with great views all around. The firm structural spine and arches provide a great platform. Elevated above the traffic and protected from its noise, with shaded approach from either side. This place has the potential to become one of the finest destinations in the city, throughout the year.



1 – Public passage
The lowest level is the public pedestrian passage between both quays. This passage is reached via staircases and lifts and runs nicely shaded through the structural backbone of the bridge.

2 – Services

A covered corridor supporting utilities, air handling units, storage, kitchens and bathrooms in the center of the bridge. It is connected via stairs and lifts to loading docks on the quay.

3 – Traffic
The car deck, provides smooth passage for the traffic, with great views around.

4 – Venue
A multifunctional commercial space on two levels. An open air terrace under the canopy of the bridge and an enclosed one for the hot months.



The Central Bridge. A refined structure, built to the human scale. Providing an intricate and interesting web of connections between the various pedestrian levels on either side of the canal.


Comfortable connection

Crossing the canal in the shade, on two different levels. A nice quality in Dubai throughout most of the year. The space on the decks is divided into zones. The central zone is for the “through” traffic, on both sides there is ample opportunity for places to stay. Ice cream parlours, Shisha terraces, information booths, coffee and tea, information on Ras al Khor and Dubai Creek Harbour, in the cool breeze over the water. This is not a traditional bridge cum terrace, but an interactive place full of entertainment and information, highlighted by an overhead LED ceiling over the lower passage.



1 – Staying high
The quick passage on podium level, over the top of the deck of the bridge, protected by the canopy in the middle

2 – Going up and down
Starting at quay level, a gentle slope up to the top deck and down to quay level

3 – Staying low
The relaxed passage on quay level, over the low deck of the bridge, in the shade

4 – Going down and up
Starting at podium level, sloping down to the lower deck to enjoy the breeze over the water and continue in the shade back to podium level on te other side.



The North Bridge. An inclined double arch structure meeting at the top. This makes the North Bridge a gate to the island, a palace for cars and an urban billboard.


Iconic Canvas

This bridge is built for speed, with six lanes and a powerful and attractive profile. Its size makes it visible from all around. The arch profile is a perfect background for a huge videoscreen. Directed to the surroundings and away from the traffic. Here Dubai Creek Harbour can show its qualities to the city around.


1 – Public Passage
The lower level is the public pedestrian passage between both quays. The passage is reached both from land as from quay level. It runs nicely shaded through the structural backbone of the bridge. The cantilevered deck structure on either side is cut away allowing for interesting frames views along the passage.

2 – Traffic
The car deck provides smooth passage for two times three lanes of traffic, with great views all around.

3 – Billboard

LED cables span between arch and deck, on both sides of the bridge. A huge urban billboard with constantly changing messages. An open air cinema or background for a concert. Spaced at an interval of thirty centimeter for high resolution images. The LED light are oriented to the area around the bridge and do not hinder traffic.

4 – Public Space
The quay side on either end of the span is a pleasant shaded public space, with open air seating in a theatre like setting.


TypologyFixed bridge
LocationDubai Creek Harbour at the Lagoons, AE
CollaborationAtkins, RTKL
ArchitectsSyb van Breda,Bastiaan Luijk, Nicolai Waterdrinker, Tom de Weijer, Vincenzo Venturini